The Tsuda Residence is where Takatoshi Tsuda, his sister Kotomi and their parents live. It is one of the more common settings of the series, after Ousai Private Academy and the Shichijō House.


The Tsuda house is a rather comfortable Japanese home with many of the facilities one would expect to find. Upon entry, a visitor will find him/herself in the entrance hall. In addition to a shoe/slipper cabinet, the stairs to the second floor and the house telephone are found here. One of the doors leads to the living room, while another leads to a toilet.
Tsudake Living Room

Takatoshi in the living room. The door leads back to the entrance.

Tsudake entrance

Suzu waits in the entrance hall. The door on the left leads to the living room.

The living room is actually a combination living/dining room and kitchen, presumably to make optimum use of space. It allows for people to watch tv while eating at the dining table or cooking in the kitchen.


The Tsuda Residence is several stops away from Ousai Private Academy, but is still within walking distance. It is a similar distance away from Eiryou High School, but since Eiryou is primarily uphill Takatoshi opted to attend Ousai instead due to convenience.

The distance to Eiryou is close enough that Uomi sometimes drops by even before going to school. Likewise, it is close enough to Suzu's House that Suzu Hagimura often meets Takatoshi nearby to walk to school together.

Notable peopleEdit


Frequent visitors:

  • Uomi: The Tsudas' relative by marriage. She is there often enough that she actually keeps a change of clothes at the house.
  • Toki: Kotomi's best friend who sometimes comes over to play. However, she is often late due to her terrible sense of direction.
  • Shino Amakusa
  • Aria Shichijō
  • Suzu Hagimura: Often drops by to walk to school with Takatoshi.

Trivia Edit

  • Takatoshi once came home (offering Shino shelter from the rain), only to find Mori-san changing in the living room. Uomi had brought her over, and Mori had (not without reason) thought it was actually Uomi's house.