An unnamed character who initially only appears in the ending sequence of the first anime, which is a mini-story in its own right. She makes her first in-story appearance in the first OVA of the first anime, trying to recruit new students into the Swim Club.


The Swimming Club President has long pinkish-brown hair that she wears loose. She accessorizes with an orange hairband. She has purplish-blue eyes and is seen in her Ousai Academy uniform (though in the ending sequences she also appears wearing the Ousai swimsuit and her pajamas).


In her only in-story appearance, there is not enough information to get a good idea of her personality. Using the ending theme of the first anime Aoi Haru (literally Blue Spring), however, reveals that she has trouble waking up in the morning but is able to get ready and leave the house quickly.

She doesn't like having pool during the first period, finding it exhausting and leaving her hungry during second period. She looks forward to lunch and appears to enjoy anison (anime songs i.e. songs specifically written for animes like theme songs or insert songs). She also longs to fall in love and hopes to meet her 'fated one' (i.e. an ideal boyfriend), even fantasizing about the anime cliche of crashing into a boy while running to school with a piece of toast in her mouth.


  • It is assumed she is the Swimming Club President as during the OVA it was generally the various Club Heads (Mutsumi Mitsuba, Nene Todoroki and Ranko Hata) who were calling out and doing the recruiting.
  • It can be surmised that she is a Second Year Student during the first anime season like Shino Amakusa and Aria Shichijō, as the ending sequence shows that her class is only made up of girls. As a result, when Shino and Aria go up to Third Year, she likely does the same.