Sachiko Furuya is an OG (Old Girl i.e. former student) of Ousai Private Academy. She was Shino Amakusa's direct predecessor as Student Council President, making her Aria Shichijō's senior as well. She is currently a college/ university student.


Furuya has light brown eyes and long straight hair that reaches past her shoulders. During her time as a student at Ousai, her hair was black but since graduation she's taken to dying it a strawberry-blonde.

Furuya student

Furuya as Student Council President

Furuya is less slender than Shino is, but is roughly as tall as Aria. She is quite attractive, as seen when she once went to the beach with the current Student Council and was hit on just as much as Shino and Aria.


By far the most notable aspect of Furuya-san's personality is how old-fashioned she is, shown by her enjoying very old-fashioned snacks like kelp tea, using an abacus in place of a calculator and her use of outdated slang in conversation.

She also comes off as being extremely calm and accepting. For example, she simply shrugs off Shino and Aria's perversions. She speaks with a relaxed, laid back drawl, matching her personality.

As expected of a former Student Council President, she has evidently taken a leadership role in her college/university, as evidenced by her comments that she was whipping her juniors into shape.


Shino Amakusa (addressed as Amakusa)

Aria Shichijō (addressed as Shichijō)

Naruko Yokoshima (addressed as Yokoshima-sensei)

Furuya and Naruko had a good relationship during the former's time at Ousai, as evidenced by how happy Naruko was to see her. For her part, Furuya immediately recognises that Naruko would have begun hunting her own students sexually due to her preferences for younger men.

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  • In Japanese, the word 'daigaku' can mean either college or university, so it isn't clear which Furuya-san is.