The Robot Research Club (in Japanese robotto kenkyuubu) is a fairly young club at Ousai Private Academy. It was founded in the same year that the series began and Ousai became a co-ed school. However, because it had fewer than five members, it was considered an unofficial club (meaning it could not request funds or support from the school). That changed the next year when enough members joined to make it official, thus greatly expanding their options.
Roboken members

Nene and two of her original members

Relations with the Student CouncilEdit

For the first year of its existence, the Robot Research Club was under the Student Council's radar. In fact, even the President Shino Amakusa and Secretary Aria Shichijō were unaware that such a club existed. By coincidence, the head of the club Nene Todoroki happened to be friends with Suzu Hagimura, the School Council Treasurer. In addition, when the first years moved up to second year, Nene became classmates with Suzu and Takatoshi Tsuda.

Their members are all interested in the construction, programming and improvement of robots. However, Nene herself often hints her main purpose is develop new and more powerful machines for sexual pleasure, and she has created many items for that purpose. Both Takatoshi and Suzu find this aspect of her personality difficult to deal with. Despite this, Nene is very talented and has created, among other things, a robot dog with lifelike movements and even built a helmet with robotic snakes for her Halloween costume (she went as Medusa).

Because of this, the Student Council relies on Nene heavily to help with mechanical or technical problems they have (such as repairing clocks and the like).

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  • The Club's name is often shortened to 'Robo-ken'.