With the OVA that came out with manga volumes there was an adition of both original content and manga content into the animation, which covers activities from almost the whole second school year of takatoshi, starting in late march and finalizing in january next year. then with the second television aired season more content of this time period was added, starting in april and finalizing in march next year. the series can be enjoyed watching any of the OVA series or Second Season complete and then start watching the other, but just as well can be watched alternately for continuity sake without making any aparent incoherency 

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Episodes 1-13 of the Seitokai Yakuindomo comes first in the order then OVA series and Seitokai Yakuindomo *.

  • S1 episodes 1 - 13 late march 1st year - late march 2nd year
  • OVA episode 1 late march
  • S2 episode 1 april
  • S2 episode 2 april
  • S2 episode 4 may: dedicated to takatoshi and suzu school trip, doesn't include taka-squid sketch so can be watched any time
  • OVA episode 2 june + march: short reminiscence of kotomi trying on her new uniform
  • S2 episode 3 june 
  • S2 episode 5 june - july
  • S2 episode 6 june - july
  • S2 episode 7 june - july
  • OVA episode 3 july + april: reminiscence of how they met uomi, interestingly, the calendar on the room says July, but this is a mistake that passed over the animators (most lkely because thats the month in which the rest of the episode takes place in), at the beginning of the scene it says it took place in april
  • S2 episode 8 august
  • OVA episode 4 august
  • OVA episode 5 spring to fall: this contains three random stories, one for each spring, summer, and fall, it can be watched anytime but should be watched before OVA 6 for taka-squid continuity
  • ova episode 6 septemeber
  • S2 episode 9 septemeber
  • S2 episode 10 october
  • OVA episode 7 october - november +  an alternative (for most likely the 1st year) valentine event 
  • S2 episode 11 november - december
  • OVA episode 8 december - january
  • S2 episode 12 january - march
  • S2 episode 13 march

The month for each episode can be identified by watching the calendar that is in the background of many locations (for the most part visible in student council room scenes), and in some ocasions mentioned by the characters, the episodes that take place in june-july dont show a date or month in them but can be sorted in between the ones who do by indetifiying the activities they are executing  and the uniform they are wearing.