Eiryou High School (in Japanese Eiryou Koukou) is the other major school mentioned in the series. Like Ousai Private Academy, it recently became co-ed and is also notable as where Uomi is School President.


Like many Japanese schools (including Ousai), Eiryou has a winter uniform and a summer uniform. The summer uniform is generally lighter than the winter uniform, so as to help students keep cool during the summer months.

Winter UniformEdit

Eiryou High School's winter uniform (the one Uomi wears during her first appearance) consists of a white long-sleeved shirt, a red tie and a light blue v-neck sweater. The boys wear dark trousers while girls wear dark blue skirts that generally reach mid-thigh.
Uomi winter uniform

Uomi in winter uniform

Summer UniformEdit

Eiryou High School's summer uniform consists of a white short-sleeved shirt, a red tie and a v-neck sleeveless vest. The boys still wear dark trousers while the girls wear dark blue skirts.
Uomi vs Shino summer uniform

Uomi in summer uniform

Notable peopleEdit


  • Chihiro Uomi: Student Council President
  • Nozomi Mori: Student Council Vice-President
  • Toori Aoba: Student Council Secretary
  • Yuu Hirose: Student Council Miscellaneous Affairs


Like Ousai, Eiryou offers clubs to its students. However, since Eiryou is not the focus of the story, not much is known about what is offered.

Mentioned or briefly seen clubsEdit

  • Softball club: Has played against Ousai's softball club on at least two occasions, one of which involved Uomi as an emergency backup player.
  • Karate club: Took part in an exhibition mixed martial arts match against the newly-formed Ousai Judo Club. Incidentally the first mention of Eiryou High School.
  • Student Council: While it functions as a bridge between students and the school administration, the Student Council is effectively treated as a club.

Differences with OusaiEdit

  • During her first visit to Ousai, Uomi hinted that Ousai's rules were much stricter than Eiryou's. For example, while Ousai completely forbids relationships between students, Eiryou at least allows hand-holding.
    Eiryou couple

    Eiryou students holding hands

  • In Ousai, the male students have to use the staff restroom on the first floor, which Takatoshi and Uomi agree is awkward for the students especially if they run into a teacher. Eiryou has apparently already solve the issue by setting up a second male restroom on another floor.


  • Takatoshi Tsuda took the entrance exam to Eiryou as well as Ousai and passed both. He eventually decided to settle on Ousai, reasoning that while both schools were at a similar distance to his home, Eiryou was uphill and thus more of a hassle to commute to everyday.
  • The winter uniform's sweater can be switched out with a more formal-looking blazer.
    Uomi Taka Kotomi uniforms

    Uomi wearing a blazer