In Japanese comedy, the tsukkomi is the straight man who responds to the antics of the boke. This most often takes the form of some sort of retort, but physical reactions like slapping the boke on the shoulder lightly, slapping them on the back of the head or striking them with a paper fan are also possible.

In Seitokai Yakuindomo, the tsukkomi characters generally respond to things with a sharp comment, though some of the more low-key ones like Toki opt for internal monologue.
TakaMori Double Tsukkomi

Mori and Takatoshi perform a simultaneous tsukkomi

It should be noted that it is fully possible for someone to be a tsukkomi in some situations but a boke in others. For example, Suzu Hagimura is generally a tsukkomi, but when matters of height or the supernatural come up she often acts as a boke.

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