Aria's parents (in Japanese Aria no chichi and Aria no haha, lit. Aria's father and Aria's mother) are supporting characters in the series. Unlike Suzu's Mother, who makes multiple appearances in the anime, Aria's parents are only shown briefly (and their faces are obscured). However, they are partially responsible for many of the trips the Student Council takes, since Aria has to fill in for them during Shichijō Zaibatsu (Zaibatsu roughly meaning conglomerate) events when they aren't available.


Aria's parents are (in Aria's own words) very loving and enjoy a very active sex life. They also appear to be very open with their daughter, and don't seem to have any issues with her perverted outlook on life. In fact, it is more likely they're the main cause of it.

The mother is potentially more dominant in the relationship (based on Aria's revelation that her mother bullies her father i.e. S&M play), but that is likely only during intimate moments.


Aria Shichijō

Aria's parents have a very close relationship to her, and Aria herself notes there are no secrets about them she doesn't know. This includes their various perversions, which they seem to have passed on to their daughter.
Aria and parents

Little Aria and her parents

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  • Aria's parents make their only appearance in Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA 02, where they are about to tell Aria about the tree under which she was conceived.